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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

King Abdullah; Assad Has "Expiration Date"

His Majesty King Abdullah of  Jorden

The Middle East potentates are finally getting pissed off at their Syrian sidekick Basher al Assad. Recently the line forms behind Turkey’s PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan who said the future of Syria could not be built on "the blood of the oppressed", and condemned attacks on Turkish missions in Syria. Turkey has also entered into the sanctions arena with their own slap on the wrist the energy minister announced that joint oil exploration projects that had been planed with Syria are now on permanent hold.

Assad is also under the gun from the Arab League as they chipped in with a shot across the bow by suspending Syria's membership. King Abdullah of Jordan became the first Arab leader to publicly denounce Syrian President Bashar al-Assad calling for him to stand down.

The Kings comments along with the Arab League's decision to suspend Syria’s membership signals an about face in the way the region has been fondling Assad, The love affair is over and the Arab leaders approach to Syria is one of disdain.
In an interview with the BBC the monarch seamed in simpatico with Assad’s situation  but he said that “stepping down was not enough.” The King is wise man and he understands the fact that Assad is loosing face with his regional peers. The Syrian President must seek asylum and get out wile the getting is still good or he will face the Qaddafi fate. The King went on to say that changing the Syrian "system" along with Assad’s ouster is the only way to minimize the body count. He admitted that no-one was clear how to do that, and the Syrian regime still believed it was "in a fairly comfortable position".

King Abdullah, like many others, also emphasised there was great concern about "life after Bashar". He warned that any outside intervention in Syria would open "Pandora's box".The relationship between two Arab leaders, seen as a new generation when they took over from their fathers, has been under growing strain. But King Abdullah said he still believed the Syrian leader had "reform in his blood". He had reached out to him earlier this year, even if, as he admitted, Jordan was not "by any means... a perfect story".

Meanwhile hundreds of people are being killed on a weekly basis and the longer this Syrian slaughter lingers the more atrocities will happen. The city of Homs is a perfect example. Homs and the surrounding province also have become a hub for thousands of army deserters who have refused orders to attack the protesters. Rights activists say Homs is a natural refuge for the defectors because many of them are from the province, the nation's largest.

Syria's government blames the violence in Homs and other protest hubs on troublemakers. It says religious extremists from the Sunni majority are terrorizing minority Alawites and Christians and attacking security forces.

Homs is about 40 percent Sunni, 30 percent Alawite and 30 percent Christian. Syria's Alawite-dominated leadership says it is trying to protect minorities by cracking down on the extremists. Nice try Basher that don’t pass the smell test.

President Assad is in a unique situation and he knows it, unlike the Libyan situation intervention in Syria would touch off a regional war dragging several wildcat extremists into the situation. The radical Islamic factions in Lebanon would certainly be involved as well as Hamas and Hezbollah forcing Israel to defend itself. Iran has already proclaimed its allegiance to Syria and will defend its interests their. The shit storm events could trigger a multinational conflict that has not been seen since World War II. Only the weapons are more powerful and the actors are more radical. This is the scenario that King Abdullah and the Arab league are trying to circumvent but the Damascus circle jerk continues. WAR MAY BE ON THE HORIZON!

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