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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The U.S. point man on Iraq is AWOL

Looks like Joe Biden has not won President Troll's vote with his chick on dirty Joes lap , good thing he is an ordained minster.

Vice President Joe Biden was yucking it up last Sunday with a biker chick in a Ohio dinner wile back in Iraq coordinated bomb strikes killed 100 people and the Iraqi vice president was sentenced to death in a one day trial. Less than one year after American troops leave the country Iraq is once again a meat grinder. The attacks can be traced to al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI) and the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) these Sunni Muslim terror groups are willing to kill on the drop of a hat and in many cases it seams as though they are working in consort. Both AQI and ISI seam to have predetermined targets that have been assigned to individual bombers and shooters. A location may be chosen for political reasons an embassy for example or a site maybe chosen for body count like a shopping center. In the event a situation or event happens that AQI leadership dislikes then a target or a series of targets on their ready list is chosen and the attacks are carried out at a chosen time. This violence on Sunday was triggered by the Trial outcome of Iraq's vice president. VP Tareq al-Hashemi was tried in absentia and found guilty of terror charges. The one day trial was carried out by a panel of Shite judges that have loyalties to Prime Minister al-Maliki. 

Last Sunday was just an other example of sectarian violence that has become common place in Iraq. Or was it? The country of Iraq is being torn apart by it's own people the Kurds in their northern semi-autonomous state, the Sunni and Shia factions in the rest of the country are all feuding. The U.S. point man Vice President Biden was scheduled to go to Iraq by the White House last June. The trip was an attempt to smooth over any discontent within the Iraqi political machine but he was rebuffed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. Various reasons have been given why Biden was rejected but sources inside Iraq have come out and said that al-Maliki has had enough of the Obama Administration and they will do what they want, when they want. This is evident in the actions of both sides. 

The snubbing of Biden was not just another example of Obama's failed Foreign Policy but an international middle finger pocked in it's eye. President Obama said that the Iraqi power sharing agreement that “he” had renegotiated is a milestone. 

“This agreement marks another milestone in the history of modern Iraq. Once again, Iraqis are showing their determination to unify Iraq and build its future and that those impulses are far stronger than those who want Iraq to descend into sectarian war and terror.” 

President Obama really has no clue and theses statements made at the G20 in Seoul where meant to silence his detractors at home that have been critical of his administrations efforts on the international stage. Looking back at the check book diplomacy that Sectary of State Hillary Clinton has called “21st century statesmanship” one can deduce that it has not worked in Iraq, poring money into a failed state only accomplishes corruption and dependency. Today Iraq is a failed state with a dysfunctional government and a civil war followed by a coup is not out of the question. There is a bright spot in Iraq, it is home to the worlds third largest oil reserve and money is not the problem, the problem is simple, things like two hours of electricity a day, clean drinking water, affordable food and housing.

“The United States has worked closely with our Iraqi partners to promote a broad-based government -- one whose leaders share a commitment to serving all Iraqis as equal citizens. Now, Iraq's leaders must finish the job of forming their government so that they can meet the challenges that a diverse coalition will inevitably face. And going forward, we will support the Iraqi people as they strengthen their democracy, resolve political disputes, resettle those displaced by war, and build ties of commerce and cooperation with the United States, the region and the world.”

Regardless of what Obama and Biden do or say to or about the Iraqi government the current leadership in Baghdad will do exactly what they want, after all they have F.U. Oil money. Days after American troops drove across the the Iraqi border to Kuwait PM al-Maliki suspended the agreement that President Obama was promoting at the G20 and issued an arrest warrant for his Vice President, called for the ouster of one of the three deputy prime ministers and threatened the Kurds. Saleh al-Mutlak the deputy pm on al-Maliki's enemies list has denounced the current government from the start. Since the first week of assuming his position he has not accepted the way the parliament functions and has wanted to help the country create a more “workable” government. He has also described al-Maliki as a “dictator” and blaming him for the increasing marginalization of the Sunni based voting bloc known as Al Iraqiya. 
Aftermath of explosion outside of French consular building in Nassiriya

There is a huge opportunity in Iraq for engineering firms, architectural firms, oil companies, bulk shipping concerns and construction companies of all types. It will take a bit of time but dragging the country out of the nineteenth century and into the twenty first is something that the country needs. The Obama Administration cannot provide these perks no matter how hard they try because they are incapable of getting out of the way of private business at home or abroad. What the country of Iraq lacks is advise on financing, infrastructure development and city planning. Perhaps the government of Iraq should look to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait to see what their future could look like if they are able to leverage their oil profits properly. 

What is occurring in Iraq now is 90 degrees opposite of what President Obama was patting himself on the back for in Seoul during the 2010 G20 summit. If the events in Iraq are a measure of the Obama/Biden success abroad then he gets an “F” on that report card. During speeches at last weeks DNC Obama and his brown nosing surrogates degraded presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his lack of international diplomacy, but did not sight any of Obama's accomplishments. So far political pundits have refrained from calling out the White House on their international ineptness and Iraq is clearly Obama's Achilles heel. As for the point man well he will be getting lap dances and bar hopping throughout the mid west promoting the highlights of the Obama White House by reminding anyone he sees that “Osama Bin Leiden is dead and General Motors is alive.”

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